Auto Air Conditioning Service in Marco, FL

Modern Auto Air is a trusted and well-established automotive air conditioning service in Marco, Florida, and we are proud to be locally owned and operated. We have specialized solely in auto A/C repair for more than 30 unforgettable years. We are well-versed and uniquely qualified to provide you with the exceptional service you deserve because our technicians only work on air conditioners day in and day out. Our business is ASE-Certified, fully insured, licensed, and bonded, and we have a MACS (Mobile Air Conditioning Service) membership and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, so you can feel completely sure that your car is in good hands. Every time you come in, you will be met by only the most pleasant, knowledgeable, and professional members of our unrivaled team. Call or visit Modern Auto Air today, and we’ll be pleased to show you what distinguishes us from other area auto air conditioning companies!


Because you live in Florida, you are well aware that the mix of humidity and heat can be unbearable. You never want to get caught driving without an air conditioner! Our local automotive air conditioning service is well-versed in all vehicle makes and models. Modern Auto Air pledges to keep your vehicle comfortable and cool by offering a wealth of knowledge, competitive prices, and considerable experience. We are so confident in our knowledge and workmanship that we always ask our customers to return after 11,000 miles or 11 months to verify that their A/C is still in good working order – and we will not charge you another dime for that follow-up visit!


Filters are critical for keeping your vehicle’s A/C system running smoothly and the air smelling fresh. Perhaps you hear excessive noise emanating from your vents, hear a whistling sound, have inadequate airflow, or smell a musty odor in the vehicle, or maybe you just need a simple filter change – either way, the experts at our Marco auto air conditioning service are here for you!


Accumulators serve as filters for the complete automobile air conditioning system. This component, which consists of input and output ports, a cylindrical component, and pipes, has an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years. If you hear rattling noises coming from your air conditioner, smell a moldy odor in your car, or notice an obvious refrigerant leak, the accumulator may be failing. The techs at our automotive air conditioning company will inspect your accumulator and make any necessary replacements or repairs to get your system back in optimal condition.

Expansion Valves

An expansion valve is a necessary part of your vehicle’s air conditioning system. It is vital because it regulates the amount of refrigerant that circulates through the system. Excess refrigerant could cause the evaporator core to freeze, resulting in a whole host of other problems. If your expansion valve doesn’t work, you may hear noises that grow louder over time. Reach out to our Marco automotive air conditioning service as soon as you suspect something is amiss with your expansion valve.


If you want your car’s air conditioner to produce pleasant, cool air, the compressor in your system must be working properly. It is in charge of circulating the climate-controlled air in your vehicle. If your compressor fails to function properly, you will be left with warm air. Therefore, if you notice a fluid leak, a stuck clutch, strange noises, or hot air, it is possible that your compressor needs to be serviced. One thing to bear in mind is that a faulty compressor is bound to give rise to more serious issues. Please call us as soon as you detect a compressor problem because the last thing you want is a severe secondary problem that could have been prevented by our experts.

Orifice Tubes

Orifice tubes divide the high and low functions in your car’s A/C system. This component is significant despite the fact that it lacks sophisticated, moving parts. Your orifice tube may need to be replaced if it becomes obstructed with debris. Because they function as a refrigerant filter, these barriers are common in orifice tubes. If you hear your compressor running constantly, if your system is underperforming, or you have warm air coming from your vents, you should have it inspected and your orifice tube evaluated by one of our expert technicians.


As the summer temperatures increase, you need to be able to count on your car’s air conditioner. Without regular auto A/C services, you won’t be able to enjoy the cool comfort of your vehicle’s air conditioner on those scorching Florida days. Our Marco auto air conditioning service is at the ready when your automotive air conditioner needs to be recharged! We’ll evacuate the refrigerant from the system, complete a vacuum test, then recharge the system with the appropriate refrigerant after analyzing your belts and other components. You’ll be astonished how quickly our refrigerant services can give you comfortable, cozy air!


The evaporator, also known as the cooling unit, is in charge of releasing cool air into the cabin. It works much in the same way that a refrigerator does. If you are experiencing problems like warm air, weak airflow, inconsistent air temperature, a strange odor, or problems with your compressor, the evaporator very well may be to blame. We will inspect your evaporator and make any required replacements or repairs to get your air conditioner back up and running.


The condenser serves as a heat exchanger in your car’s A/C system. It receives your refrigerant, cools it, and condenses it converts it into a liquid). If your condenser fails, you may observe a variety of symptoms. You likely have a condenser problem if you notice a considerable fluid leak, drastically decreased cooling, or loud, odd noises coming from the condenser unit. Our experts will detect any problems and work hard to provide you with effective, long-lasting solutions.

Automotive Air Conditioner Replacement

If our professionals complete diagnostics on your vehicle and determine that auto A/C replacement is the best course of action, we will first get your go-ahead and answer all your important questions. With your permission, we’ll go right to work on your replacement, accomplishing it promptly, professionally, and efficiently. When your air conditioner simply isn’t blowing you away, Modern Auto Air is the only place to go because we have the best rates and warranties in town.

Automotive Air Conditioner Repair

Modern Auto Air begins each automotive air conditioning repair service with a comprehensive inspection. We’ll determine exactly what’s wrong and offer helpful suggestions on how to remedy any issues that you might be experiencing. We will provide you with an estimate that includes all labor, taxes, and parts. Every auto A/C repair in Marco comes complete with a written guarantee of 12 months or 12,000 miles on our workmanship, ensuring that you can always drive comfortably!

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