Why Choose Modern Auto Air?

Here are some very good reasons so many other Naples and Collier County residents did:

  • Automotive air conditioning inspection, service, and repair is all we do and it's all we've ever done since we opened back in 1990! That's 34 years of automobile air conditioning systems know how! (And, we are still owned and operated by the same Folks that opened the business way back then!)!
  • We pride ourselves in giving all of our customers the friendly, courteous, professional, service that they/you expect and deserve.!
  • All of our technicians are Automotive Service Excellence, and Mobile Air Conditioning Society certified. And they have, collectively, over 80 years of combined experience between them in this repair field!!
  • We believe that the way we conduct our business and ourselves is why we have earned an A+ Better Business Bureau customer satisfaction rating!

Proper Repairs Begin With a Proper Diagnosis:

Here's how it works getting to the root of your car's air conditioning problems: First, we will inspect your car's A/C system to determine why it isn't performing properly, or up to standards. We diagnose the problems you are having with it and then we prepare a written estimate of the cost to service or repair it. We will then thoroughly explain to you what exactly is wrong with your A/C system, what needs to done to it to get it fixed, how long it will take us to do the repair work that will get your vehicles air conditioning system back into to tip top working order.

Your written estimate includes the cost of parts, labor, and taxes, there are no hidden charges, or after the fact add on fees! And we provide you with this written estimate absolute FREE of any changes no matter if you choose not to have the needed work done!

If you decide to have us do the work, and we will never put pressure on you to do any repairs, we will give you a written guarantee for 12 months or 12,000 miles on the repair work that we do on your car, once the work is completed.

Making The Right Choices

As we like to say, "nothing beats having your problems addressed by a true "specialist". You wouldn't go to a foot doctor for a toothache, you'd go to a dentist! Nor would you go to an accountant if you needed any legal advice, you'd go to your attorney for that. So, doesn't it make good sense that when your vehicle's air conditioning system isn't working you'd take your car to someone who "specializes" in automobile air conditioning service and repair, and not to a shop that does transmission, muffler, or brake repair, or "all" types of automotive repairs?

"In Florida, a properly working car air conditioning system means the difference between having a comfortable ride to and from all of your driving destinations!"

"If you believe your automobiles air conditioning system is not performing properly, we encourage you to bring it to MODERN AUTO AIR, Naples and Collier County's most trusted name in automobile service and repair, since 1990!"

Modern Auto Air has been inspecting, servicing, and performing auto ac maintenance near Naples, Florida for the past 30 years! It's all we do, and we do it right, guaranteed!