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Modern Auto Air provides air conditioning repair and service to fleet vehicles year round. You'll experience minimal downtime for repairs, because we understand every vehicle is essential to business. Our skilled ASE-certified technicians and fleet programs provide you with the best service and ensure your vehicle cooling systems are always in great working order.

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I called Modern Air today while driving back from Ft. Lauderdale in route back to my office in Sarasota while crossing Alligator Alley. I noticed after my truck had been idling for several hours while on a project that the air conditioning wasn't blowing as hard or as cool. While crossing the alley the air condition wasn't improving so I assumed the system needed recharging. I figured it would be too late when I made it to Sarasota and I have a busy day Thursday so maybe I could stop in Naples get the system recharged and I could just work in the waiting room while I waited. Ironically last year I took this truck to my Ford dealer three times last year and they could not find anything wrong with the AC system. So I called Modern Air and they could see me in 30 minutes and I was about that far away so the timing was perfect. They had my truck 5 minutes and came and told me the issue wasn't a lack of Freon or failing system just the compressor had frozen over. They turned on the heater and after 5 minutes the ice melted and we were back to normal. In defense of my Ford dealer I had always taken them the truck the next morning after this problem so it had an opportunity to defrost so that is why they never could find the problem. But these folks could not have been more professional and kind, they took me right in, gave me back the truck within 10 minutes and refused to let me pay them anything. They even let me hang out in the waiting room with my two big four legged employees. I admire an honorable business that is about doing the right thing. Since they would not allow me to pay them I had to write them a review, absolutely first class business.
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